Little Lumpy’s Center for Educational Initiatives

Where Learning, Literacy & Technology fosters the creative and intellectual gifts and graces of youngsters, elders, and everyone in between.

Our Story

Little Lumpy’s Center is where impossible dreams come true.

With the help of our community and our sponsors we aim to serve Cleveland and other traditionally underserved communities of broader Northeastern Ohio.

Did you know that two thirds of adult Clevelanders read at the 3rd grade level?

Little Lumpy’s Center: Learning, Literacy & Technology serve youth and adults of color in the Cleveland area and beyond. Through our 3 ongoing projects (Annual Great Lakes African American Writers Conference, the Literacy Readiness Program, and the ToonBoom Animation Program) we seek to increase literacy through educational initiatives and professional development opportunities.

Great things are happening! Come learn with us.

“The Center is developing a reputation for excellence in creative and intellectual programming. It is bringing much needed attention and recognition to Ohio’s contributions to the literary arts community, in particular.”

Gloria Ware


Our Initiatives

The Great Lakes African American Writers Conference

Literacy Readiness Program


Animated CLE Workforce Development Program

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Little Lumpy’s works tirelessly to expand our reach and cater to as many students of color as possible. We understand that not every student has the resources to explore their interests, career goals, or tap into their personal potential. Little Lumpy’s aims to provide curriculum to 5500 students of color for free within the next 5 years, while simultaneously striving to expand our reach to communities of color in 5 major Midwestern cities. Little Lumpy’s hopes to ensure each student can feel safe, respected, and heard so that participants can be present and engaged in a unique educational experience. We believe that through educational advancement, our students will be set on a path to achieve great economic and social success success in the future.

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